g09  . Caves  .  II
cd-r repress available November 19th 2011
first press on tape, distributed by golem in 2010
free download

Golem: "Originally self-released through golem in 15 copies, this is a reissue of this second release by Mikkel Reher-Langberg's (shiggajon, angst, bm etc.) solo project. The music is very different from the older noiseish material, here consisting of simple compositions for ringing, vibrating, droning chords, using only acoustic (classical) instrumentation."
Volcanic tongue: "Fairly astounding document of solo work from Mikkel Reher-Langberg of Shiggajon: Caves sees him using nothing but acoustic instrumentation – violin, vocals, clarinet, cello – to generate great voids of singing tone, conjuring the monolithic edge of the world roar of Yoshi Wada’s Off The Wall and Tony Conrad’s Four Violins. Like Shiggajon proper the music walks the line between psychedelic folk ritual, free jazz and dense minimalist drone with considerable aplomb. Excellent and beautifully presented as are all of the Golem Tapes releases."