g08  .  part wild horses' mane on both sides
and shiggajon  .  lainfaida della indabishto
cd-r  .  1st press available November 19th 2011
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Golem: "Releasing a split with pwhmobs and shiggajon was an obvious thing to do, the bands having recorded together and played together (some times as one unit) on several occasions. Besides that, the bands seem to share an approach to modern improvised ”folk”music, trying to shape a kind of authentic contemporary form of expression without falling into the traps of psych-folk or free jazz. Shiggajon has, this being (probably?) their 16th release, been through a lot of phases. Having gone from being a two-man collage-project to being a 14-man orchestral live-unit, their material here comes from the latest more workshop-like studio-based way of working with music, which enables a more complex and dynamic structure. The pwhmobs-track, one of their more percussive and ambient, less jazzy ones, being recorded live, is a good example of the dynamics and intuitive flow of the band, seamlessly weaving together a very diverse but consistent piece of music, combining acoustics and electronics as the most natural thing in the world. "
Volcanic tongue: "Dream team split release that pairs two of the best free/folk jam bands on the goddamn planet, England’s Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides and Denmark’s Shiggajon. Shiggajon contribute two tracks, a slow-burning vertical ascension of reeds over slow bowing strings and a final epic traverse of organ drone and triumphal brass that takes off on John Coltrane’s Cosmic Music. Part Wild Horses are on equally epic form, with the sound of slow feedback tones and prayer bowls sparkling in deep silence before Pascal starts batting around time signatures and Kelly summons the ghost of Takehisa Kosugi. Still no one like them. Highly recommended."