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cd-r - 1st press available November 19th 2011
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Golem: "The 10th golem-release is a 3xcd-r compilation (more than 3½ hours of music) featuring active Danish projects in some way surrounding the label, most of the projects being by members of shiggajon, projects that are not often presented. Being very extensive, this compilation should make up a pretty good introduction to this part of ”experimental” Danish music. None of the material featured here has been released before, and several of the projects have never released anything. In order of appearance, the projects featured are: shiggajon, oort trio, trulofa trio, rallemalle, ancestor, jon dræby, space continents, raphel mai amecche zabi almi, elektronavn, white moth, látzlò máa, mazurka, bm, drowning mountains, and al-ha-sheminit"
Volcanic tongue: "Beautifully packaged 3xCD-R set that compiles a buncha jaw-dropping tracks from friends and associates of the amazing Danish free/folk group Shiggajon. Here we get exclusive tracks – over 3 and a half hours of music! - from Shiggajon, Oort Trio, Trulofa Trio, Rallemalle, Ancestor, Jon Dræby, Space Continents, Raphel Mai Amecche Zabi Almi, Elektronavn, White Moth, Látzlò Máa, Mazurka, Bm, Drowning Mountains and Al-Ha-Sheminit w/the music raging from full-on fire music energy through singing folk drone, mass string levitations and ancient sounding ritual music. Pretty dazzling."