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undersøgelser (søg selv i reolerne)
cd-r  .  1st press available November 19th 2011
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Golem: "Jon Dræby's (of trulofa, shiggajon, trulofa trio etc.) music could be some of the closest you get to an authentic, echological modern folk-music. Naive and eclectic approaches to instrumentation are combined with a collage-based compositional style reminding one of old-school electronical music, and resulting in a strangely natural, intuitive, and undoubtedly heart-felt, playful and at times even humoristic, but always deeply convincing, way of expression. At the same time, you could also call it art-music par excellence, as every piece seems to invent its own genre, being composed around a clear idea or emotion, shaping the form to fit that specific content without any regard to tradition or genre-limitations. Quite simply, this is some of the most human music I have discovered for a long time. "
Volcanic tongue: "Great Godz/Maher Shalal Hash Baz/autistic country brass band style brokedown folk music: Draeby plays in Trulofa and Shiggajon and here he combines reeds, brass, drums, percussion, piano etc in some beautifully odd compositions that combine ancient folk motifs, with slow, staggering rhythms and a dosed/cultic feel that is straight out of the Handgjort/Bo Anders Persson school of prole levitation. Another great one on a consistently wowing imprint."