g05   . shiggajon    .  strenge
tape (ltd to 33) and cd-r  .  1st press available November 19th 2011
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Golem: "Strenge is an experiment for violins and a tambourine recorded in an abandoned industrial area in Copenhagen. The sound is dense, intense, shimmering, reminding one of early works by tony conrad."
Volcanic tongue: "Recorded “in an empty place in Copenhagen, March 2010” this is another amazing release from this Danish free music collective. Shiggajon combine cranky olde-world style volk melodies and instrumentation with ecstatic Fire Music chops and a heavy euphoric drone quotient and Strenge is the perfect amalgam of all three, with dark waves of string violence that are pure Ludlow Street ’66 giving way to fife and drum tattoos which unleash dramatic volleys of overtone violence. For fans of Tony Conrad, Angus MacLise, Third Ear Band, Revolutionary Ensemble et al."