vd0001 . rose, augenblau & green temples . s/t
3 x tape . 1st press . available september 2014

vd: three tapes that was released simultaneous. at first given away for free at cassette store day 2014 and through vulgar deformity's webshop. now available for only 30 dkk.
rose: weird pop with influences from classical music and the eagles' "hotel california". 
augenblau: 80's inspired music for the dancefloor. the duo consists of jeppe g. andersen of tears and tilebreaker, and marco repenning who's normally heard behind the several things alias.
green temples: the solo project from hahn kult and tongues christian qvortrup, who on this release has put the black metal behind him and started playing fragile, heartfelt folk songs with kind nods to jackson c. frank, townes van zandt and red house painters.